Colourful Emails

You already know I am into the psychology of relationships and communication.  And a huge question I get asked is:

How can I work out someone’s ‘colour type’?

The answer is through observation.  Think about it.  If someone walked into the room, you wouldn’t necessarily know IMMEDIATELY whether they were left or right handed… but, by observing how they do things, you might start to see their preferences as manifested through their actions.

It’s the same for psychological types.  Observe and it will become clear in their body language, tone of voice and content of what they say – and how they communicate.

And, a major part of modern day communication can be found in the emails we send and receive.

Could we establish someone’s type from their email style alone?  Well, there MAY be clues…

Here is what I see from different styles:

GREEN (Introverted and Feeling style) – watch for: Appreciation/approbation, requests (rather than questions), relationship oriented, considered style.

RED (Extraverted and Thinking style) – Watch for Brevity, telling, formality, focus on business (any niceties are perfunctory), assumption, blocks of text.

YELLOW (Extraverrted and Feeling style): Watch for informality, friendly, personal references, emotional content, ad-hoc layout and exclamation marks!!

BLUE (introverted and Thinking style) – Watch for: Clarity, formality, measurement, information, instruction, questions, ordered lay out.

Once you are aware of someone’s preferred communication style – you can adapt and connect with them SO much better… Introduce a little of who THEY are in your communications with them.  Try it!

Andy and the Yoo team

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