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Online Training Options with Andy Edwards

Online courses are becoming more and more popular.

The value of buying a course at under £100 is obvious when compared to a full training intervention which can cost many thousands of pounds.


A well-timed online training course can add value to your existing training programme with reminders, enhancements – and opportunities to ‘cascade’ similar information at an exceptionally good value!

Andy Edwards courses on Udemy

Having teamed up with Udemy (the international on line learning platform with 40,000,000 students), I am committed to increase my online portfolio of training courses over the next few months – so please come back every now and again to see what else has been added.

The Yoo Course

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The Yoo Personal Development Course with Andy Edwards covers three related areas: Developing confidence; Building relationships; and Making positive changes

  • How to increase confidence and become more self-aware by understanding yourself on a psychological level
  • To recognise why your ‘bad behaviour’ is actually your good behaviour – but on a bad day!
  • Approaches to build or repair relationships by discovering why you ‘click’ with some people and not others
  • Techniques to ‘read’ people almost instantly simply by checking three simple measures
  • Why and how assertiveness and mental resilience will help you decide on changes in your life (rather than allow changes to ‘happen’ to you)


Click on the link at the bottom of the side panel (to the right of this page) to have a look at the free taster elements of the course.  The link also contains my best available discount should you then go on to buy it.

A recent ‘Rating’ (5 out of 5)

Well, having completed this course I find myself rather astonished. In reality, all the things Andy says are known to me in the back of my head, but I had vastly underrated the impact of hearing them spoken to me. I found myself filling up once or twice, especially when hearing Andy’s own story. So, from a rather sceptical start, I find myself primed for some changes that I had been considering in a passive sort of way, reaching out towards a better me.

B Mayall

Yoo ‘Graduate’

Online Training Courses in production (so check back soon):

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Be your own life coach

How wide is your smile, how loud is your laugh – How to find, create or stumble across happiness in your life!


If you would like to explore Andy writing and presenting a bespoke electronic training course for your organisation, Association or Governing body, contact him using this link.