“Switched on – bright!  I’m impressed; Andy, I think you are immensely bookable”

Maria Franzoni – Speaker Bureau Legend

'I want people to be still speaking about my talks many months after seeing me'

'I want the audience to go back to their workplaces understanding and prioritising Playing Nicely Together'

'I want them to feel that they CAN make a difference to their organisations – and each other'


Louise Lowe

“Andy was excellent… one of the best speakers I have seen at an Industry event”

Louise Lowe – Managing Director, Exec Space – conference, meeting and events sector


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Be more like me
Be more like me

Andy Edwards is the creator of “RELATIONOMICS”; (improving business results by improving business relationships).  He is an accredited behavioural psychologist, relationship expert, and is the author of two books; one on Psychometrics and understanding people, the other about Behavioural Leadership.  Using an accessible model of human behaviour, Andy speaks about how to create, build, leverage, and repair quality relationships in the workplace. 

He works with organisations, departments or functions traditionally measured by time, fees, or tangible output. Increasingly, these environments are recognising that many challenges in the workplace are less a result of workload, competence, or productivity and more a result of dysfunctional or undervalued relationships.  In a surprisingly brief period, Andy can show that appreciation of each team member’s differences leads to a more harmonious culture, higher discretionary effort, efficient leadership, and ultimately a more effective workforce.

Andy Edwards About Andy 20645
Andy Edwards About Andy 20645

His signature talk echoes his book title: “Why Can’t People Be More Like Me?!”, and considers how to understand co-workers, maximise teamwork, identify difference in customer preferences, ensure all ‘types’ are valued – or simply how to ‘play nicely together’.  The material can be adapted to many circumstances (see ‘Themes’ below).

Andy is trusted by a number of sectors including legal, financial, accountancy, consultancy, merchant banking, construction, and IT.  His message is also effective for engineering, manufacturing, medical (including pharma), and heavy industry like oil/gas.  His client list includes ADNOC (Abu Dhabi); Barclays; Borouge (Emirates), JP Morgan; Liberty Global (Europe); NHS; Sony; Stannah; and many others.

Following a career in real estate and financial services, Andy has been a paid speaker since the end of the last millennium.  Which may come as a surprise to his high school English teacher, whose end of term report advised; “Andy must understand that he will never make a living just by talking.”

Endlessly enthusiastic about his subject, he has been likened to the Duracell Bunny, Tigger, and even the Tasmanian Devil.  He just calls it passion for people, which he effortlessly transfers to his worldwide audiences.  And it sticks:  Catherine Barratt of BAMUK said: “Many months after the event and we are STILL using the principles and ideas suggested by Andy.”

Book Andy if your conference has one of THESE themes:

All in this together

Everyone makes a difference

Team success

People first

Making connections

Cultural change

One Company

Building relationships

Moving ahead as one

Connections and reconnections

Everyone pulling in the same direction

Living our values

New directions!

Individual effort – team success

Full TEAM ahead!

People power!

Going the extra mile

One team, one culture

Andy Edwards talking on stage

…or any theme where relationships, behaviour, teamwork, and connections are to the fore.

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