Have you seen the Ballad of Bernie, “The Shittest Leader in The Firm”?

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If you enjoyed the Ballad of Bernie, then you’ll love what goes with it!


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“LEADERSHIT; What your followers REALLY think of your leadership – and how to change their minds” 

As Bernie discovered, ‘Leader’ is a title you cannot claim.  Only when your followers trust, respect and believe in you, will THEY decide if that title belongs to you.

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Presented in video lectures by Andy (not Bernie!).  Hosted by Udemy.

“Leadership Lessons from the people you lead.”

95% of senior leaders believe they are trusted.  BUT only 16% of followers trust their senior leaders!

Most leadership courses are presented by leaders to leaders about being better leaders.  This course teaches Leadership from the perspective of the followers.

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Leadersh*t Happens!

This talk is engaging, thought-provoking, motivational – and fun!  But don’t be fooled… the message is hard-hitting, and will help leaders (or aspiring leaders) understand the gap between them and their followers.

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