Senior Leader – Housing Sector

“I attended one of your talks 10 years ago and it changed everything for me... I’m a better leader, manager, and employee.  I’m also a better Dad and husband.  Thanks Andy”

Senior Leader – Housing Sector

If the conference or event you’re arranging has people at its heart, then you’re in the right place.


Good for the work environment or culture

Great for business

Perfect for the people involved

Hi – Andy Here.

About Andy Edwards

As a booker or event organiser you want your delegates to be engaged, inspired and motivated. But, most of all, you want them to take something away from the event; to learn something and behave in a different way… you want this event to make a difference.

Perhaps you have your eye on NEXT year’s attendance figures, and want to ensure THIS lot go back and talk about the great time they had – and then bring their colleagues with them in 12 months’ time!

Trust me; we’re on the same page.

I promise to work with you to ensure you achieve your goals for the event.  I will deliver relevant, engaging and practical material.  I’ll give a talk that is authentic, thought-provoking, motivational – and fun!

Speaking Topics

Why can’t people be more like me?

Understanding self and others, behavioural psychology, adapting and connecting.

(aka ‘RELATIONOMICS’, ‘Play Nicely Together’; ‘I’ve upped my personal awareness – UP YOURS!’; ‘I just don’t understand you!’; ‘Who do you think you are?!’)

This material can be adapted to emphasise:

Why can't people be more like me?


Culture change

Customer focus/experience


Workplace values

Personal Impact

Emotional Intelligence

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What your followers REALLY think of your leadership and how to change their minds.

(aka ‘Behavioural Leading’; ‘Leadership lessons from the people you lead’; ‘The leadership delusion’; ‘The most important leadership question’)

Andy Edwards - Leadershift

This material can be adapted to emphasise:

New or aspiring leaders

Culture change

Restructuring organisations


Click here to download an unbranded, full description of this talk (pdf)



I am able to adapt/combine the materials in my most popular talks to deliver up-to-the-minute issues with titles such as:

Andy Edwards - Next Best Thing

Quiet quitting is a symptom NOT the problem

INVALID excuses for the ‘Great Resignation

Why the Metaverse will never transcend personality

The psychology of dictators and warmongers

Leadership for post-covid businesses

Why the ‘Loyalty Tax’ will kill your business

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 “We loved your workshop, Andy, and you are a master at your craft.”

Bob Battye, Vistage Chair