Business Networking for Professionals

With just 20 people in a networking room, you are one relationship away from about 400 people.

Duration: Basics ½ day. Detailed course 2 days

Numbers: Minimum 2, max 12 delegates

Overview:Networking is potentially the second most valuable form of marketing (after ‘Referrals’) and yet is often done so poorly it has the OPPOSITE effect to that which is wanted. Follow the networking rules for successful business generation.

Options: A good idea is to have a follow up session a month later to build on successes and review what could be done better.

Description: So many people attend business networking events, but few achieve a good return on their time and effort. Many people are filled with dread at the idea of attending a business Networking event. However, after this course, everyone has the potential to become a consummate professional networker. And it’s easier than you might think.

What we cover:

  • Is your networking NOT working?
  • Networking in 3 phases
  • Activities ‘during’
  • Killer questions
  • Activities ‘after’
  • How to FAIL at networking
  • Plan for ‘before’
  • The two BIG subjects
  • The ‘unforgiving’ minute
  • How to follow up
  • Why network?
  • The four ‘R’s 
  • Work a room
  • Presenting your business
  • Measure success
  • Option to have Andy attend a networking event with you
  • Option to have a follow up ‘Clinic’ session with Andy

Please feel free to contact Andy to discuss Networking success in YOUR organisation