How do you know if someone’s left-handed?

According to a quick piece of research (Google!), it appears that 10% of people reading this are left handed.  Interestingly (to me) ALL my children are left-handed yet I am not – and none of my wives were either. But I digress.

The only way you know that someone is left handed is by observing their behaviour. Did they come into your office by pushing the door with their left hand?  With which hand are they carrying their phone? Do they take the book you pass them with their left hand?

And the giveaway – which hand did they use to sign the document?

Colourful people watching is exactly the same.  For a reminder of the four colour behavioural types, click here.

Observation of others’ behaviours will give you clues to their personality style and behavioural preferences.  Pick up the clues; review the evidence, and you will become attuned to how people react and respond – which could prove invaluable in your interactions with them.


The main areas of observation are in Body Language (including clothes and jewellery); Immediate Environment (like desk or workstation); Vocal intonation (pitch, modulation, volume, speech patterns) and the Actual Words people use.

Look over there!  Mr Red preference is issuing instruction to others in a concise – some would say abrupt – manner.  They are dressed smartly and pointing at people when they talk to (at) them.  Quite a serious expression.  This is our EXTRAVERT and THINKING style.

And here… Miss Yellow is ‘Holding Court’ with an enraptured audience.  Animated, dramatic, loud, and full of smiles as she regales her audience with the story of her new, sensational hair style.  Yellow is our EXTRAVERT and FEELING style.

And check out Mrs Blue preference.  Demure and self-contained.  Observing what is going on from a relative distance.  Choosing her moment to talk quietly about the facts and details in a considered way.  BLUE is our INTROVERT and THINKING style.

But who’s this?  Ahhh… someone with a Green preference.  Non- threatening, low key but friendly.  Dressed for comfort and holding a book across themselves.  Nodding in agreement, eyebrows raised – then delivering an earnest response.  This is our INTROVERT and FEELING style.

So enhance your people-reading skills by watching for specifics of behaviour.  Remember, “How someone does ANYTHING is a clue to how they do EVERYTHING”.


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